(up to Grade 6)

Students from 8 to 12 years (within the year) are offered specific sessions that cater to the specific needs of young developing minds and bodies. We do this by introducing the valued “Pillars of Taekwondo”, which include courtesy, self control, integrity, perseverance and indomitable spirit. Our classes cover the fundamentals of body awareness, cognitive movement, social interaction and FUN.

We provide a recognised and accredited syllabus delivered by qualified and experienced instructors.

Instruction of TKD Champs takes into account a students' age as well as skill level. Attention is given to teaching the basic values and movements of Taekwondo with a focus on character development and we start to introduce goal achievement. The students are offered self defence training relative to age and life experience.

Taekwondo students are encouraged to focus on Fitness components including stretching, strength & stamina, & Skill Development to develop self-confidence. Game play & competition is used to introduce the concepts of self control, goal achievement & performance development.

Effective life skills and positive communication are introduced during classes. Sports related topics are introduced in a holistic approach and include: nutritional information, performance based lifestyle choices & decision making are offered in a safe family friendly environment.

Classes are controlled & involve explosive movement designed to increase the student’s fitness and stamina. Recognition and rewards are achieved through participation, performance and the meeting of personal goals. Often, students that are the most challenged gain the most. Qualified instructors and coaches are available to guided and mentor individual growth.

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