About Hap Ki Do

The practice of Hap Ki Do (unified energy way) allows students of all backgrounds, ages and physiques to use minimal force to overcome a stronger opponent. The actions of Hapkido combine dynamic and spectacular kicking with joint locking, pressure points and manipulation to disable the attacker.

Like other martial arts, Hapkido has a specific syllabus that allows students to progressively master the techniques to a high level of proficiency. Belt levels are attained through the performance of skills with opponents in controlled sessions.

All actions require development of self control for maximum benefit and safety. "This is not a Sport as the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo". However, both Taekwondo and Hapkido do originate from Korea. Students that train with our club will have their achievements recognised by governing & officiating organisations both in Australia and Korea. Master Jung Yun Kim 8th Dan is the accredited Australian representative of the Moo Lim Won Hap Ki Do Federation Korea in Australia. Kim's Martial Arts Students are provided ongoing opportunity to gain qualifications in Australia and in Korea with Kukkiwon for Taekwondo & Moo Lim Won for Hapkido Martial Arts training can provide a complete & positive Body Mind Spirit health & fitness lifestyle.

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